Watch Out for New Creative Design Courses – Coming Soon!

Following the successful completion of the 2014 Spring/Summer Creative Design Course series, we are now planning an even greater range of courses for the Autumn to help get your creative juices flowing.

Building on our diverse range of existing courses we’re now looking to branch out into other creative areas, some after listening to feedback from our ever growing family of creative learners and some based on our own creative head scratching.

Watch this space for more news or get in touch to make sure you’re on our mailing list for the latest updates.

New Creative Design Courses for 2014

Following the successful completion of the 2013 course series we’re now offering an updated series of courses for 2014. Based on learner feedback and on new developments in the creative design world the new courses encompass a wide range of digital and practical design activities. Whether you’re looking for a job and need to update your skills or a learner with a keen interest in practical design we’ll have a course to suit your interest.

If you’re interested in finding our more please see the course leaflet below then get in touch to book a place and to find out which venues in Sandwell the courses will be running. Click on the link to download a .pdf version of the leaflet:
DNA Creative Design Courses 2014 V2

Creative Design Course Leaflet 2014 P1

Creative Design Course Leaflet 2014 P2


Session 9 – Fin!

We would like to congratulate all the learners that took part in the Creative Product Design course for a fantastic 9 weeks.

The team have gone through the whole product design process from start to finish and have had a great time in the process. The products they have come up with have really helped with daily tasks or even just brighten the place up, its been great to see the ideas and thought process the team has come up with.

Many congratulations, and we look forward to seeing them and YOU! on future courses.

Here’s them with their certificates:

Day 7 Problem Solving

Today the team looked through the creative theory of problem solving. Looking through the problem solving stages and learning how to define and laterally think about a design problem.

Here’s them hard at work

Day 6 CPD Products sample

Today the team were shown a range of creative product examples, from the more complex engineering feats to the simplistic ideas that can ease the struggles of everyday life.

Here’s a few examples:

View more creative products :HERE

Day 5 Identifying a design Problem

Today the team were tasked with finding a design problem in their own homes. This could be a really simple problem such as not enough space or a more complicated problem, such as where to store important documents.

The team used the skills and techniques they have learnt so far, i.e. brainstorming, mind mapping & storyboarding to come up with creative solutions to these problems.

Find out what they come up with in the coming weeks.

Day 4 CPD Story boarding

This week the learners were tasked to create a storyboard based on plastic pop bottles, they learnt the process of product design story boarding and got to work on their ideas .

The Finished products will be up next week

Lets see what they come up with.

Day 3 CPD Bridge building challenge

The guys got there hands on an engineering challenge this week, to see who could build the strongest bridge out of only paper, straws and tape.

This is what they built :

The power of string

Here we were exploring what you can do with a length of string, some glue and your imagination. The process for this piece is fairly simple, soak some string in PVA glue and wrap it tightly around an object (inflatables work best as it makes them easier to remove) once dry remove the object and your left with this impressive looking product that you could turn into anything e.g. a shelf or lampshade. The possibilities are endless.

Try it yourself and post your versions on our twitter page .