Creative Graphic Design

As with the other courses available, this course will begin with a grounding in design practices and methods in order to inspire your mind to start thinking creatively. This course will cover such skills as creative thinking and mind mapping to story boarding and layout techniques. The course will give a basic insight into the world of graphic design whether it be designing a logo to producing a poster. You will get an introduction to graphic design software and learn the techniques and skills required to produce a piece of graphic design. These skills will include learning how to crop and adapt photographs to creating shapes and text within graphic design software.

With an ever expanding technological age, graphic design has become a forefront for communication with companies and people using it in their everyday lives, whether it be to promote a business or just to improve photographs to put onto Facebook. Graphics is now everywhere in society and this course will help you get an insight into this world and how you too can easily produce graphics that communicate with the wider world.