Design in the home

This course encompasses everything you need to know in order to start designing and building products in order to make your home life easier and more efficient. This course will give an overview of basic design techniques from creative thinking to product story boarding. Then we delve deep into the heart of home product design looking at various way and methods to use recycled materials in order to make your home life more efficient and easier for you. Learn techniques, skills and theoretical practices that will inspire you to go wild in your homes and make your life that little bit easier, in a cost effective way. 

The skills taught on this course are skills that can be adapted to many walks of life, and the use of recycled materials may even save you money in the process.

The courses will also cover new technologies within the product design world including the use of DNA’s brand new 3D printer. You will be shown how a 3D printer works and the benefits of using such a machine in design. The benefits and aesthetic appearance of 3D printing technologies will inspire your imagination and ready you for the new technological revolution.